Chinese gave us guns -Former Namibia President Hifikepunye Pohamba

Former Namibia President Hifikepunye Pohamba

Former Namibia President Pohamba made these remarks on Friday during the launch of two books written by Swapo Elders Council’s executive Nkrumah Mushelenga in Windhoek. The two books written by Mushelenga are titled ‘Musings of a Freedom Fighter’ and ‘The Discourse’. In ‘The Discourse’, Mushelenga gives an outlook on the events that took place during Namibia’s liberation struggle, resulting in the independence of the country. While encouraging the young generation to read and understand the books, Pohamba also told the audience that the Chinese government helped Namibia or those who were in exile during the liberation struggle with guns and military training.

He said he was aware that many people in Namibia do not like Chinese.

He told the audiences at the event that just like the Russian government, the Chinese also helped Swapo fighters with guns at a camp in Tanzania.

He also revealed that he had visited the Chinese ambassador “last night” [Thursday] “and we talked how we were assisted by the Chinese”.

“The Chinese sent their instructors on the request of comrade Sam Nujoma who was a chair in command of the plan. Chinese came to Conghua in Tanzania to train our people.

They taught our people how to fight. The Chinese gave us guns just like the Russians.

The guns that we used came from these countries,” he said. Pohamba added: “Sam Nujoma led all the activities. Nujoma is our leader.” “He is still very strong at the age of 89 years. Whatever we are talking about, the struggle of the liberation of this country is Sam Nujoma. He is the leader who led the people in a bitter struggle. Therefore, some of us ,when we see Nujoma, we look at him as a liberator of this country, together with his colleagues,” he added.

At the same event, Pohamba also called on Swapo party members to unite and do away with tribalism and regionalism.

“We kept unity when we were fighting. We must keep unity as we are developing our country. Unity in actual fact, is strength. Tribalism is not accepted by Swapo, regionalism is not accepted in Swapo. We accepted that we are one in Swapo, we are one as Namibians,” he said.

Mushelenga said the future of Namibia depends on the “strategic plan of the youth”.

“We, as elders, are there to improvise by giving of the past, so that the youth will not repeat the mistakes that we made during our time,” he said.