Prisoners should be allowed to vote in the new constitution in Gambia, ” Sara Kunda alkalo

Sara Kunda alkalo

The Alkalo of Sarakunda, Saback sanjal District, North Bank region, Alh. Saku Camera said that the new constitution should make provisions that will allow prisoners to vote. He mentioned this in the constitutional Review Commission, CRC public consultation meeting in his village, Sara Kunda on the 12th November, 2018.

CRC is established by an act of parliament, 2017 to review the 1997 constitution and in the process come up with a new constitution and write a report. The CRC is currently touring the country to seek the opinion of people as to what they would like to see in the new constitution in a view to reflect their needs and aspirations.

Alkalo Camara, mentioned that prisoners should be allowed to vote because their imprisonment does not change their minds towards the state and do not revoke their citizenship. ” In other countries, people are voted for whiles they are behind bar” he further remarked.

In the meeting, many issues were discussed in the CRC issues document and voting was held when there are divergent views in issues.

The respondents in the meeting overwhelmingly believed that the president should have a university degree, the death penalty should be maintain and the country should Chang to parliamentary system of government  among others.