Doctors lament increasing number of unsafe abortions in Ghana

abortionChairman of the Association, Dr. Desmond Oppong disclosed that about 45% of abortions in Ghana are done using unsafe methods.

He explained that the figure is this high because most women are reluctant to go to the hospital and therefore use their own means to terminate pregnancies.

Dr. Oppong was speaking during the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) held at the Pentecost Senior High School (PENSEC) in Koforidua, in the Eastern region.

“About 45% of abortion that is done in Ghana are unsafe and about 20% of sexually active non-married women do not use contraceptive,”  he said.

“This figures are actually more because most of them don’t come to the hospital so that is why it is very prudent for us to go out there and educate them and let them know that the best method of preventing all these is abstinence but if that is not met then other means of contraception use also come into place.”

Dr. Oppong advised teenagers to desist from using concoctions when they get pregnant, insisting it could be dangerous to their reproductive health

He said those who are bent on terminating their pregnancies are better off visiting accredited health facilities for professional abortion care service.

Statistics from the Ghana Health Service (GHS) indicate that 53,114 abortion cases were recorded in government hospitals alone across the country last year.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 25 million unsafe abortion cases are recorded globally each year