Algeria Parliament elects Mouad Bouchareb as speaker

Deputy of the National Liberation Front party (FLN), Mouad Bouchareb on 25 October 2018

The Algerian People’s National Assembly (Parliament) elected Deputy of the National Liberation Front party (FLN), Mouad Bouchareb, as speaker to replace Said Bouhadja.

A total of 320 lawmakers voted in favour of Bouchared, the sole candidate for the post.

However, lawmakers from the main opposition blocs, including the Socialist Forces Front, the Workers’ Party, the Movement of Society for Peace, the Rally for Culture and Democracy and the Nahda, Adala, Bina Union said Bouhadja’s removal from the post was a “coup”.

The pro-government Republican Alliance also boycotted the voting session with its Secretary-General, Belkacem Sahli, calling it “unconstitutional”.

Bouhadja has refused to step down. “I am sticking to my position and I will not resign. I consider myself the legitimate parliament speaker. This is an attack on the constitution. President Bouteflika must intervene to preserve the constitution.”