Nigeria Will Attack Isreal If Nnamdi Kanu Is Not Deported In 24 Hours – Lai Mohammed

Alhaji lai mohammed
Nigeria’s information minister Alhaji Lai Mohammed

Nigeria’s information minister, Mr. Lai (Lai) Mohammed has issued a stark warning to the country of Isreal over a possible military attack by Nigerian armed forces if they do not deport the IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu who is currently in Jarusalem for a pilgrimage.

The emptythreat was broadcasted Yesterday morning on the nation’s national radio service but instead of sending shivers down the spine of the Isrealites it is poor Nigerian masses that are afraid of the consequences of a small nation like Nigeria threatening a world power like Isreal. Nigerians condemn the reckless act by the information minister, Lai Mohammed for putting the entire country at jeopardy through such careless statements.