Zambia Police Disrupt a Pastors Meeting to Discuss the National Budget

Zambia-policeNdola clergymen say they are still in shock why the Police disrupted a meeting that was organized by the Centre for Trade Policy and Development to reflect on the proposed 2019 national budget.

The police on Friday afternoon disrupted a meeting and picked up Pastor George Palo who had organized the meeting.

CTPD had organized a meeting with Ndola pastors to reflect on the budget with Church leaders in Ndola.

The meeting was at Ndola Central Baptist Church which attracted a number of pastors from different denominations.

But other Pastors have complained that it is unfair for the police to stop a meeting that is discussing national development.

Pastor Brian Chanda said what the police did is very unfortunate.

“Then how are we as the clergy going to particular in national development. If we shun such meetings, we will be called names. Now we come so that we can contribute, the police arrest us and disrupt our meeting. Then what role should we play in the governance of the country? We are stakeholders,” Pastor Chanda said.

He said the Pastors should not just be respected and needed if its for national prayers only.

Pastor Chanda said the Church needs to be respected because it can never plan anything evil against the government.

He said the Church works with the government of the day.

“So it is not good that we can be treated like this. It is not fair. We need to be respected. So these police officers should be told to have respect for us. The same people that politicians asks votes from, are the same people that we preach to,” Pastor Chanda said.