Italian Businessman Galassi Warn Equatorial Guinea President Obiang about the illegalities of his regime

Teodoro Obiang & Teodoro Nguema

If you do not receive your assets, you will make public the General Work banking operations that show the government’s corruption

” We hope that Equatorial Guinea will publicly recognize our innocence and return everything that has materially and morally taken away from us.” This was what the businessman Fabio Galassi demanded in two letters addressed to the dictator, Teodoro Obiang and his son, Teodoro Nguema on June 28, 2018.

In the letters, the Italian businessman informed the Obiang regime that he has many documents of the “doubtful” operations that his family has done through the company General Work , “you have a week from the receipt of this letter by part of his embassy to answer me satisfactorily with the will to return my assets in that same period or, failing that, I will respond with all the power of the law that is conferred on me “. – lettera-ns-storia-presidentee –

As well denounces Galassi, his assets were confiscated by senior members of the Government of today are reluctant to return, “during my detention at home, the delegate minister Juan Olo and Attorney General I took the pocket 500.0000 Fcfa he had saved for use during the time I was in jail. They also took very valuable watches and mobiles and three computers . ” A document signed by the Inspector General of National Security,Marcelo Castro dated March 21, 2015 – DOCUMENT – contains a detailed list of assets that were confiscated from the director of General Workwhen he was illegally detained without any court order. Those belongings are those that, to date of today, Fabio Galassi demands that they are returned to him. Also, hewantsthe former workers of General Work to collect what they are owed in the coming weeks because, if not, he will not hesitate to burst the sewers of the dictatorship by publicizing the financial operations that have been carried out over the years.

On the other hand, Fabio Galassi reminds Obiang in his letter that during his stay in prison he has witnessed the torture sessions that the military daily subjected to the prisoners without the possibility of communicating with their families and forced to clean the open sewers of prisons. However, despite having been denounced, none have responded for their actions and continue in the same prisons subjecting their own citizens to harsh torture.

After the reception of the letters addressed to the dictator and his son, to the Minister of the Interior, Clemente Nguema Onguene – lettera-ns-storia-clementeE – and to his brother, the ombudsman, Marcelino Nguema Onguene – lettera-vice-president-v22 – the Obiang’s government has chosen to remain silent. They have all preferredto act as if nothing had happened, trusting that the Italian businessman would never make the mistake of making public the best kept secrets of the family and the most loyal collaborators of the regime.One of the cases that seek to hide at all costs is the sale of land owned by General Work valued at 15,000 million Fcfa that the former magistrate of the Provincial Court of Malabo,Rubén Clemente Nguema Engonga sold without any explanation to Constancia Mangue Nsue Okomo for 400 million Fcfa.

Unjustly condemned

The Italian businessman Fabio Galassi, 63, and his son, Filipo Galassi, 25, both employees of the General Work SL, formed by two Italians, Giulio Cistaro and Giuseppe Vona, on November 23, 2011, before the notary of Bata, D. Salvador Ensema Mba were convicted without any evidence by a final sentence of 33 and 21 years in prison, respectively, for the alleged crimes of misappropriation, fraud, falsification of documents, property lifting and theft.

” We have spent three years in one of the worst prisons on the African continent, feeding on animal feed , with soldiers who humiliate and torture prisoners for any reason, disregarding the right to dignity and human life that every person deserves” Fabio denounces Galassi in the story that has captured in a newspaper that he calls “Diary of the three years in prison”, where he compiles all the vexations and tortures made by José Ela Mbiang alias César, in the service of Obiang Nguema . They claim to have seen in prison jails between 11 and 12 years old sharing cells with adults for having stolen a simple beer,”But we never saw the real corrupt people of Equatorial Guinea in prison,” he adds. “We have documentary evidence of the existing corruption of members of the Judiciary who have never served their sentence.” Among them, judges and members of the Government such as Eucario Bacale , Juan Olo Mba Nseng, Clemente Rubén, Eliseo Nvo Mangue, Antonio Ntutumu, Cándido Nsue Nguema, Company Akoroliun, Somproge, Guru System, Leoncio Andrés Ondo Esono Madjo, Joaquín Mba Abuy, Marcellin Ntutumu aka Mister 10% and Tadeo Ela Nguema Oyana, among others.

During the three years they spent in Bata’s public jail, the businessmen wore the same clothes they were arrested with, they were never given the opportunity to buy other clothes that could replace what they wore until their release. In the middle of this year, the condemned ones left prison for health reasons, a measure that was manipulated by the vice president of the Republic, who sold it before the citizens as an act of clemency on his part. However, these statements were denied by Diario Rombe with the publication of several writs of the president of the Provincial Court, Manuel Ndong Nguema that proved otherwise.

The only completely truthful version is that the businessmen were released for fear that Fabio Galassi would die in prison, since he was in a delicate state of health. In addition, the dictator Obiang Nguema feared that, to continue in prison, employers will begin to expose the murky business of the family.

The Galassi were accused of the bankruptcy of the company General Work. However, the more than 300 documents to which Diario Rombe has had access, point out, after the audit carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers, that General Work’s assets stand at 84,447,686,637 Fcfa and the liability is 40,931,300,341 Fcfa, being the difference in favor or credit balance of 43,516,386,296Fcfa. Based on these data it is impossible to talk about the bankruptcy of the company. A detail that draws attention in this audit, and that the employer reported to the competent authorities at the international level, is that many assets of the company have not been added or taken into account at the time of carrying it out. The withholdings exceed 10 billion Fcfa, as evidenced by the accounting documents that this newspaper has analyzed and which will be published shortly in the interest of the people, political parties and anti-corruption organizations. As is customary in the framework of the corruption of Equatorial Guinea, several sales of General Work assets have been made without any book entry.

According to the first version that the businessman Fabio Galassi gave to Diario Rombe in two physical meetings that the director of this medium has maintained with the Italian, there are documents that clearly demonstrate “that people who are still at liberty have collected in cash many thousands of Fcfa of the company and the Government ” . Evidence of this fact has been provided to this means of communication and they can be observed the huge amount of banking operations carried out by the then treasurer of the State, Montserrat Afang Ondo and the current delegate minister of Economy, daughter ofArmengol Ondo Nguema and niece of the dictator, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

The Italian Fabio Galassi is key to knowing in detail the public funds that the family of the dictator has taken since the late Igor founded the company Rangerbourg Equatorial Guinea SA . He also knows the efforts made by his wife, A na María Morowhen it took control of the Group, reducing the debt of 110 thousands to 40 thousands of Fcfa, also trying to clean the company of corrupt, dismissing the employees of the previous address that destroyed and looted the company – the overwhelming evidence that has Rombe newspaper show it. In spite of everything, this situation continues to this day without any control despite having appointed by car on April 8, 2015 a management commission composed of: Sereno Esono Sima, Clemente Alogo Obiang, Joaquín Mba Abuy, Violeta Ljubisa Vljevic, Florencia Ayetebe Nse Obono and Gabriela Victoria Atogo Nse.

The management commission, appointed by a judge and modified several times, has stopped all the works of General Work transferring some works to other companies such as the construction of the Government Palace -8 billion Fcfa-; the bridge of Oyala -3, 5 billion Fcfa-; or the hospital of Bata -2.5 billion Fcfa-.

After the high amount of sales of the goods that make up the General Work heritage that he produced, Fabio affirms that only a small percentage – less than 10% – was used to pay their salaries, and that there are still many former workers who, To date, they have not received what corresponds to them.

To understand the conflict of General Work and RangerBourg Corp Equatorial Guinea SA would have to start talking about RangerBourg Corp Panama constituted on April 24, 2006 and the owners of 55% and 45% of the shares and the role played by the company Abayak represented by the brother-in-law of the dictator, the Paraguayan, Juan Pablo Romero as a member of the Board of Directors of General Work. Diario Rombe will soon publish all this framework that directly splashes Obiang, since it was his niece Montserrat who was in charge of making the transfers for the benefit of the clan.

The Italian businessman points directly to Eucario Bacale , Juan Olo Mba Nseng, Clemente Ruben, Eliseo Nvo Mangue, Antonio Ntutumu, Candido Nsue Nguema, Rafael Martinez, Enrique Messienm and Leoncio Andrés Ondo Esono Madjo, among others.There are many questions to ask and stories to tell that could be of interest to organizations dedicated to the fight against corruption.

Fabio Galassi affirms that the Guinean citizens and opposition should ask themselves where is the money from the withholdings that the Government owes to General Work, where they have been accounted for by IMPEESA and Marcelino Ntutumu alias 10%, the 1000 million Fcfa from the Government Palace and by that Minister Eucario Bacale is not in custody. All this information will be detailed by Diario Rombe in the next publications