Deportation Of 400 Algerian “Harraga” (Illegal Migrants) From Germany

Merkel says goodbye to Algerian Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia

The deportations of the “Harraga”or illegal migrants living on German territory towards the countries of Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco have increased significantly during the recent period following negotiations by Berlin with the countries concerned meant to make the latter retrieve their clandestine immigrants, similarly to the agreement reached with the Algerian side during the recent visit of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Algiers.

According to security sources, the number of deportees to Algeria was set at 57 people in 2015 and rose to 400 migrants until the end of August, while the overall number of Algerians deported from Germany to their home country during the past year reached 504.

The Algerian authorities have given their consent to the repatriation of the “Harraga” residing in Germany as the identity of the deportees was confirmed during the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Algeria last September, with Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia saying in this regard that Algeria is keen to retrieve all its compatriots residing in an illegal way in Germany.

Their number is estimated between 3,000 and 5,000.

Among the conditions established by Algeria is the identification of the “Harraga”, based on the national civil status card and the genetic fingerprints, so as to facilitate the identification of deportees, with 5 deportees per special flight excluding chartered flights.

Concurrently, Mrs. Angela Merkel said that her country rejects the presence of undocumented migrants on its territory and stressed that Algeria is a partner in this burning issue.

The German Chancellor spoke to this effect of new measures that will be implemented to make deportations more effective so that those people now living illegally in Germany are smoothly transferred back to their home countries