Messahel: “Algeria Understands The Fears Of Countries Receiving Flows Of Refugees”

MessahelThe Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Abdelkader Messahel, has affirmed that Algeria full understands the fears of those countries receiving steady flows of refugees, stressing that these legitimate fears should be taken into account.

He thus called for a renewed commitment to the prevention and settlement of disputes within the framework of respect for international law and legality.

Taking the floor on Monday before the delegates attending the 69th session of the Executive Committee of the UNHCR program in Geneva (Switzerland), Mr. Messahel stressed that the meeting of the Committee should be dedicated to “studying the vexed problem of forced deportation and taking into account the real and legitimate concerns expressed by the host countries”.

This approach should be based on “a renewed commitment to prevention and conflict resolution within the framework of respect for the rules and principles of international law and the Charter of the United Nations while ensuring an equitable and predictable sharing of the burden at the international level both in terms of refugee acceptability and their protection as part of the thrashing out of durable solutions for the latter’s benefit”.

“The success of this approach lies in our ability to act, individually and collectively, so as to address efficiently the root causes of forced displacement in a way that would at least put an end to the unabated hike in the number of refugees across the world,” the head of Algerian diplomacy underscored.

Turning to aspects of completing the global decade on refugees, Mr. Messahel stated that “this decade, as well as being an additional building block in the promotion of multilateralism, reflects the aspiration to move forward in dutifully addressing the nagging problem of forced displacement.”

“The first stage of this remedial approach will be to wrap up the work aimed at assessing the impact of refugee presence in communities and receiving countries, especially those countries that host a significant number of incoming refugees, on a long-term basis”, Mr Messahel added in this respect.