Around 2,000 Algerians Of Dual Nationality Detained in French Prisons

Paris, France

French parliamentary sources have revealed that some 2,000 Algerians of dual nationality are being held in French prisons.

These figures were revealed in an oral question by MP Louis Aliot, a member of the National Assembly (Parliament), dated 25th September 2018, and addressed to the French Minister of Justice and the keeper of the Seals.

The MP’s relevant document stated that 1,954 Algerian persons (also French citizens) were being held in France’s prisons, the largest number of the overall prisoners now being detained in France.

According to the same document, the total number of foreign prisoners held in France was estimated at 14,964 in 2017, of whom 1,954 are dual nationals (Franco-Algerians), while Moroccans came in second spot with 1,895 inmates and Tunisia ranked third with 1,102.

For reference, these statistics did not include Algerian prisoners who do not have French citizenship.