Namibia not captured by China ambassador

Chinese ambassador to Namibia, Zhang Yiming

Zhang said this at the Chinese ambassador scholarship prize awarding ceremony to three schools in the Kavango East region on Monday.

The scholarship was established last year with the aim of providing funds to 20 schools in Namibia for assisting the best- performing pupils to encourage them to study hard.

At the ceremony held at Rundu, Zhang awarded N$20 000 each to St Boniface College, Dr Romanus Kampungu Senior Secondary School, and the Noordgrens Senior Secondary School.

The ambassador said local people and the media have been saying Namibia has been captured by China, which he said is a wrong perception about the relationship China has with Namibia.

He said China is in Namibia as a partner for the country’s developmental needs.

“China is here as a friend, sincere, to help you with development, and assist you with your developmental matters,” said Zhang. He added that when he travelled to Divundu, he noticed that there is a Chinese business community in the area, “which can be attributed to hard work”.

Divundu is 200 kilometres east of Rundu.

Zhang said if his Chinese compatriots can be found in such areas, it means they are working very hard to provide services to the local people.

He also encouraged the Chinese people in Namibia to be good residents, and to comply with the country’s laws and regulations.

“The majority of Chinese people here are good people; it is only a few of them who are painting a bad picture about the Chinese community in Namibia. There are always bad apples, but those bad apples never represent my country,” Zhang stressed.

The ambassador’s comments follow news that Namibia wants to borrow N$10 billion from China to fund infrastructure projects.