African Union ‘dismayed’ at Salvini, ‘migrants aren’t slaves

Matteo Salvini
Matteo Salvini, italy leader of the Northern League.

The African Union has expressed ”concern” for the statements made by Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini who, the organization said, ”at a recent conference in Vienna compared immigrants to slaves”.

”The African Union – said a statement posted by the organization online – asks the Italian deputy premier to withdraw his disparaging sentence on African immigrants”.

Salvini has denied comparing migrants to slaves. His press office wrote that ”it is necessary to firmly deny some reports by the international press, according to which minister Salvini called African immigrants ‘slaves’.

As can be easily verified by the many videos and the minister’s statements, Salvini never insulted Africans but instead censored the idea of making them arrive in Europe to force them to work and/or live in such degrading conditions to recall, indeed, slavery. It is the exact opposite of what has been reported by some foreign media outlets’