Morocco  Police Confiscate 28 Kgs of Cannabis at Tangier Med Port


On Friday morning, police customs officers stopped a Moroccan national attempting to smuggle cannabis resin to Europe.

Authorities reported that the drug trafficker concealed the cannabis in the walls of his vehicle.  The culprit was placed in custody under the supervision of Tangier’s public prosecution.

Morocco’s war against drug trafficking continues in northern Morocco.

A similar arrest took place in April when customs police in the Tangier port seized 490 kilograms of cannabis.

In another operation carried out in the same month, police seized 53 kilograms of cannabis in a shipping truck on its way to Spain. The authorities arrested the truck driver after X-rays revealed drugs concealed behind the vehicle frame and the engine cooling system.

On August 25, authorities in the city of Tetouan arrested four suspects for involvement in an international drug trafficking network, seizing 376 kilograms of cannabis.

Morocco’s report on the implementation of criminal policy announced in July that authorities recorded 85,000 cases of drug-related crimes in 2017.

Drug cases resulted in the arrest of 74,573 suspects in 2012, while 88,179 suspects of drug-related crimes were arrested in 2016.

Cannabis resin is one of the most exported drugs from Morocco and has continuously been the subject of seizures in recent years. The demand for the drug in Europe is very high due to its powerful and high-yield hybrid varieties.

Morocco is the largest supplier of cannabis resin to Europe, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). In 2014, 302 tons and 85 percent of all cannabis resin seizures in Spain were linked to Morocco.

According to the UNODC World Drug Report of 2017, Morocco has the third highest cannabis resin seizures of countries worldwide. The country comes behind Spain and Pakistan