Kenyan Citizens express their dislike of new police uniforms

Kenya New police uniforms for General Duty officers

Kenyans on social media on Thursday reacted negatively to the new blue police uniforms design and colour. Majority expressed their dislike and criticised the new uniforms describing them as horrible and ugly.

The reactions, using the trending hashtag #PoliceReforms included hilarious posts, which associated the new police uniforms features like big pockets that could be used to stash bribery money among others uses. Some also used the hashtag to instead demand good housing conditions for the police, saying police reforms should not be new uniforms.

@Asmali77 tweeted: The #PoliceReforms also increased the pocket sizes for the police uniform. ‏

@ClaretAdhiambo: Hope the new Kenya Police uniforms have no pockets #policereforms #goteana.

@leemakwiny: Police reforms cannot be possible with that ugly uniform. Police reforms are not uniform. We must retain the old uniform. It’s good. #PoliceReforms

@DonaldBKipkorir tweeted: The Uniforms for our newly unified Kenya Police is Ugly, Dull, Old fashioned & Uninspiring … The Beret is worse … They look like Salvation Army Band … Police Uniform must be one that shows fitness & inspires fear … Here, we were conned … #PoliceReforms.

Some posted photos of a Chinese female blue uniformed officer together with the new Kenyan police officers saying we have copied the colour and loaned them from China.

I am told the new Kenya Police uniforms are part of the Chinese Loans. Next President Uhuru Kenyatta will paint our officers yellow to complete the transformation of Kenya Zing Chu police!#PoliceReforms — The Kenyan Parrot ???????? (@TheParrotKE) September 13, 2018

@itsotienomokaya: After importing scrap metal in the name of SGR; now we chose to import used police uniform in the name of reforms!? Or maybe we lacked a tender to offer the “master” forcing us to buy police uniform from them?!  Or is our police service collateral for another loan! #PoliceReforms.

To Marcello Omuttaha, who posted a picture of the Rwandan police officers next to Kenyan, we went wrong on design of the uniforms.