Illegal Immigration Embarrasses Algerian Government With Spanish, Italian Officials

Algeria-italy-spainIllegal migration has grown significantly during 2018, as the General Federation of Algerians Immigrants counts 5,000 illegal immigration operations that were carried out by Algerians towards Italy and Spain within nine months, while the Federation attributes this to the difficult economic and social conditions of these young people, and campaigns of despair that are led by some parties through social networks.

Chairman of the General Federation of Algerian Immigrants, Said Ben Rokia, told Echorouk that the illegal immigration to Spain and Italy is extremely high in 2018, through what he called “death boats” or even across the eastern and western borders of the country to arrive to Morocco then to the Spanish islands, counting 5000 illegal immigration cases since the beginning of the year.

He added that all illegal immigration attempts are caused by difficult social and economic conditions in the country, and publications that were issued by some parties through the social networks that seek to disturb the situation in Algeria and the independent and dark prospective that spread despair among youth, who later see that leaving the country would be the best option and they decide take the boats of death without looking behind them.

According to Ben Rokia, the year 2018 sounded the alarm about the rise of illegal immigration attempts, which turned into a heavy media tool not only in Algeria, but also in Europe due to well-known social, economic and intellectual factors, and even social networks that describe Algeria as the Hell, and considers that immigration is more than necessary, which made the General Federation of Algerian Immigrants think about the idea of creating the National Committee to combat illegal immigration, and this after the completion of the Federation’s licence of activity in Algeria and not only abroad.

The spokesman explained that an integrated program to eradicate this phenomenon has been established, which will be studied with the Algerian authorities and by tightening controls on land and sea borders and raising awareness among these young people, although the migration figures declined during the last three months of the year following the death of the Algerian prisoner in Spain, and investigations that opened in the framework after suspicions that the death is abnormal, and the suspicion of a murder against the young illegal immigrant in the Spanish detention.

He called on the Algerian authorities to step up efforts to protect illegal immigrants, especially across the northern border, and also to combat and tighten control on the human trafficking mafia, referring to the cells that facilitate the illegal immigration of youth in return for receiving money from this category.