Are you sure the person you’re dating is dating you? – Ayomide Ahmed

Ayomide Ahmed
Leslay and Ayomide

The Due Citizen of Nigeria – Guinea Bissau, and the former Instructor to EA Media World, Who is presently one of the publisher of SA24 online newpaper said TRUE LOVE is an everlasting partnership.

Addressing the fans on his facebook forum, he says,
Do you think your relationship will end in MARRIAGE or in BED?

Are you sure the person you’re dating is dating you?. But do not forget that not everybody loves you to keep you…

Remember not everybody have come to stay, most people are selfish in love… Be wise not to celebrate an unfriendly friend or a parasite. All you see is not all there is…

Some are for sex… Some are for money.. Some are using you…

He further stated that, people should Look for a friend who has a SOUND MIND, SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY and EXCELLENT SPIRIT. If you’re just dating for today, you won’t have a future in your relationship. Date for the future not for the present.

Let’s his / her intention be made known, otherwise mistakes are inevitable. When your Joy is incomplete, you’re in a Situationship.