Zambia Police warns citizens about fake jobs abroad

Zambia Police

Zambia Police Service has called on community members to be alert and not fall prey to unverified job promises outside the country so as not to become victims of human trafficking.

In an interview with ZANIS, Zambia Police Assistant Public Relations Officer Godfrey Chilabi said community members should know before they go to job promises outside the country.

Mr. Chilabi said the Police Service has recorded a lot of cases of human trafficking especially in border towns and nearby areas.

He said that Zambia being part of the global community which includes international movements falls prey to be victims of human trafficking.

Mr. Chilabi said the country is both the destination and recruitment point for human trafficking and women and children are the majority victims.

He added that Zambia police service, Ministry of Community Development and Social Services in partnership with International Organization for Migration (IOM), is conducting sensitization programs on human trafficking.

The Assistant Public Relations Officer stated that sensitizations are aimed at informing the public to be alert on the signs of human trafficking and places to report suspected traffickers.

He added that the sensitization currently running is themed “know before you go” because most people are desperate for job opportunities outside the country even without necessary qualification.

Mr. Chilabi stated that there is lack of information among the people on what signs to look out for in international promises that seem too good to be true.

Further, Mr. Chilabi added that lack of employment, poverty, lack of information has caused people to be easily deceived with job promises.

He said it is important to seek job opportunities outside the country but people should be informed on those destination and type of employment being offered.

Meanwhile Senanga District Social Welfare Officer Victor Walubita said sensitization programs in the district will continue with the help of CWACS as they are community based.

Mr. Walubita said they will take advantage of the opportunity when distributing money for Social Cash Transfer (SCT).

And community members expressed happiness over the sensitizations that have started in communities.

A community member Mubita Kapinda said the sensitization on human trafficking has made the community to be aware of the vice and report when they receive any suspicions to the relevant offices.

Ms. Kapinda said most victims who are children and women will be protected and eliminating the vice needs working collectively.

Recently, six Senanga residents who were victims of human trafficking were retrieved from Namibia with the help of Zambia Police, IOM and department of social welfare.

This was after being trafficked by a Senanga resident promising them well-paying jobs in that country.