Cape Verdean U17 selection goes to Senegal “no pressure” but wants to qualify for CAN’19

Cape Verdean U17

The Cape Verdean Football Federation (FCF) does not set goals, but believes that the national U-17 team could make their mark in Cape Verde’s first ever participation in a tie for the U-17 Nations Cup.

In a press conference, this Saturday, for presentation of the team to the press, the federative president, Mario Semedo, said that this “offensive” is due to the result of “a very clear bet on training, in order to prioritize these echelons” and , so the FCF decided to enter this qualifying competition for the CAN’19, to be played next year in Tanzania.

Mário Semedo acknowledges that the format currently adopted by the organization facilitates the participation of Cape Verde, as the qualifiers will be played by Zone, with the Creole team integrated into the UFOA group, allowing Central Cape Verde their competitions in Dakar. “Having talent as we have, we want to bet on training and give our young people competitive opportunities, because only by competing will we be able to actually have performances”, says the FCF leader, for whom this participation is a learning experience.

The top FCF official said that Cape Verde will compete with selected teams and with many more experiences, such as Senegal, Mali, Mauritania and Guiné Conacri, accustomed to these wanderings, but that the combined Creole aims to reach top summers, although without pressing for the young players.

The qualifying event takes place from 9 to 18 of the current season in Dakar, Senegal, and Cape Verde shares Group C with its counterparts from Mali and Mauritania. The Senegalese, Guinea- Bissau and Sierra Leone national teams form the A group, while Mali, Gambia and Liberia form Group B.

The stage of the Cape Verdean national team takes place from 24 to 31 of the current one, in the National Stadium, soon afterwards the delegation of Cape Verde goes to Senegal for another week of internship, in order to adapt to the climate and lawn.

Cape Verde will debut in the competition on September 11, against Mauritania, on the 13th to face Guine Conacri. The squad’s base is centered on the athletes who attended the XI CPLP sports games held in Sao Tome and Principe last July, where Cabo Verde won the silver medal and will be reinforced with four more players from the diaspora, all athletes in Portugal.