Algerian Youth “Amar Abdelaziz” Was Killed In Libya

lybia_ArmyOver the past two days, the case of the assassination of the Algerian youth Ghadir Omar Abdel Aziz”, 41, from the municipality of Al-Rabah in the Wilaya of al Wad, after he was released with his wife and daughter by the Libyan security authorities in Zintan, where they revealed that the husband was subjected to a murder without being charged or referred to the Libyan justice to consider his case, with the continued detention of his brothers and brother-in-law by the same authorities to the present time.

The details of the case, according to the relatives of the victim and the detainees, are related to the flight of their son, Ghadir Omar Abdel Aziz, to the neighboring State of Libya after receiving reports that a group of traffickers and promoters of the illegal products were arrested in El-Wad, where they were on their way to him, and fearing his arrest, he left the country at the beginning of 2018 to go to the Libyan city of Zintan, to settle there, escaping any judicial follow-up in Algeria, where he bought a house and a car, and began his life again normally, until his brothers Tarek and Amara, accompanied by his son-in-law Amar, visited him in the Libyan city of Zintan, last April, where the forces of the National Accord Government arrested the victim, his wife, daughter, brother and son-in-law on suspicion.

According to the same sources, the brother of the victim entered the Libyan territory without stamping passports through the border town of Dabdab, which is about 2 km away from the Libyan city of Ghadames, and then they went to Zintan, 460 km away from Ghadames, while Al-Zintan is located in the south-west of the capital Tripoli, 480 km, which is one of the largest cities in the south-west of Libya, and the brother-in-law of the victim entered the Libyan soil in a systematic and legitimate way, but the detention reached everyone, and they were neither charged nor brought before the Libyan courts, in case of committing any misdemeanor or violation, and his daughter before Eid al-Adha, and then they were transferred to Tunisia, to contact the wife and her family in the Wilaya of El Oued to be transferred from Tunisia to Algeria, where she confirmed the news of her husband’s death in mysterious circumstances, she also revealed that the security authorities in Libya had told her that her husband had been given the certificates before his death by his brothers and brother-in-law, who are still being held for the time being, while being prevented from seeing his body or even identifying his grave if he was buried.

The family of “Ghadir” in El Oued province called upon the highest authorities in the country, to intervene in order to hand over the body of their son, while seeking to release the three prisoners unjustly in Libya, they said, and without committing any offense that makes them spend all this time in prison, demanding the disclosure of the circumstances of the death of their son in the prisons of Zintan, which rose against the injustice of Gaddafi, but reproduced it with another injustice which is no less worse than the previous.