Morocco: Saudi service to our hajj pilgrims catastrophic

Moroccans hajj pilgrims

Morocco Now’ a news website wrote, ‘Following the complaint of the Hajj pilgrims from their conditions, the Ministry of Endowment and Islamic Affairs of Morocco formed an emergency meeting with the pilgrims of the Morocco on Friday (24th of August).

Earlier, Ahmed al-Tawfiq, the Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs of Morocco, in contact with his Saudi counterpart, had complained of the problems the Moroccans encountered during this year’s pilgrimage, especially the problems of food, transportation and lodging of Hajjis.

Morocco Now added,’ Over the past days, some videos in social media have been released showing that the situation of Moroccans has been inappropriate and they have had difficult days.’

Yahya al-yahyavi, a political analyst and university professor, criticized the officials of the Ministry of Endowments of his country for covering up the pilgrims problems, saying that the Ministry of Endowments, is denying bad condition of people, while some of them had to sleep several times in water closets.

The social networks in the past days have published videos in which the Hajjis of Morocco are asking the king of the country to address their problems because they are very badly treated, and apart from the lack of guidance, many illiterate pilgrims have not done Hajj ceremonies properly.