“Cut the hands, the Congo is ours”: racist incidents at a music festival in Belgium

festival_pukkelpopRacist incidents reportedly took place Saturday night as American rapper Kendrick Lamar performed on the main stage of the Pukkelpop festival in Hasselt, north-eastern Belgium. Unia, the federal center for equal opportunities, received a report, confirmed Monday the organization in Belga.

On social networks, including Instagram, two black women (“callmevirgo” and “alienpizzasarah”) said they were pushed and kicked. A drink was also thrown in their direction and their hair was pulled.

The two accounts also published a video showing a group of young Flemish singing racist songs. “Handjes kappen, Congo is van ons” (“Cut your hands, the Congo is ours”), can we hear it. This video is still available on Twitter.

One of the victims said she would report the facts while wondering if the police would take her complaint seriously. Unia has confirmed to Belga that he has received a report.

The organizers of Pukkelpop strongly denounce the racist incidents that occurred Saturday on the plains of the festival, during the concert of the American rapper Kendrick Lamar. In a message posted Monday on Facebook, they say “investigate the incident” and study “the possible legal consequences”. In the meantime, the Inter-federal Center for Equal Opportunities, Unia, has confirmed that it has received a complaint.

“We strongly denounce the incident that occurred during Kendrick Lamar’s concert. Pukkelpop is a festival where everyone is welcome, regardless of their gender, their mother tongue, their political beliefs, their ethnic origins, his religion or ideology, his disability, his age or his sexuality.We reject any form of physical or verbal violence, harassment or disrespectful behavior, “say the organizers on Facebook.