19 Nigerians arrested in Nairobi for Facebook, M-Pesa scam

One of the Nigerians arrested for conning Kenyans through fictitious deliveries, August 18, 2018.

Nineteen Nigerians were arrested in an early Saturday swoop targeting electronic fraudsters who prey on Kenyans.

They were apprehended in Umoja, Kasarani and Roysambu estates when they lived.

Via Facebook, the DCI said the criminals begin by befriending their targets on Facebook. They then start chats in which they promise the people goodies that they claim are sent through DHL and are collected at airports.

“The following day, a call is made by someone who pretends to be an attendant at the DHL office. [The person] tells the victim to pay clearance fees for the parcel [purpotedly sent].”

After the victim send money through M-Pesa, another call is made for more money to be given for documentation and taxes.

“After paying the dues demanded, your calls [to demand] your parcel will not be picked. That’s [when] you realise you have been connned,” the DCI said and asked the public to be cautious.