Zimbabwe Nurse Suspended For Criticising Zanu-PF On Social Media

hospital_Authorities have suspended Senzeni Klaasen, a 47-year-old nurse, who is employed as Sister-In-Charge at Beitbridge District Hospital on allegations of misconduct.

Klaasen allegedly recorded an audio clip in which she criticised the ruling Zanu-PF party. In the audio which was widely circulated on social media, Klaasen allegedly accused Zanu-PF of causing the mass exodus of Zimbabweans who were going to neighbouring countries in search of greener pastures and seeking medical treatment in countries such as South Africa.

In suspending Klaasen, Dr Lenos Samhere, the District Medical Officer at Beitbridge District Hospital charged that he was implementing the provisions of the Health Service Regulations. These say that a disciplinary authority may suspend a member who would have committed an act of misconduct or is subject to a criminal investigation or prosecution.

Klaasen has engaged lawyers from Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) after a Zimbabwe Republic Police officer reportedly called her relatives requesting to be furnished with information concerning the whereabouts of her children in a very suspicious manner.

In a letter written to the Officer in Charge at the Law and Order Section at Beitbridge Police Station, Klaasen’s lawyers Obey Shava and Tinomuda Shoko of ZLHR said they will hold a named police officer from the Law and Order Section at Beitbridge Police Station responsible, if anything happen to their client’s children including their client, who has been receiving death threats from some unknown people.