Zimbabwe President Is Being Misled By His Legal Team

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s

Some lawyers have claimed that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s lead lawyers in the case against Nelson Chamisa gave him the wrong interpretation of how days are counted. This comes after Chamisa filed a challenge against the presidential results at the Constitutional Court last Friday. Zanu-PF has said that the challenge should be dismissed because it was filed after out of time and served at the wrong address.

Zanu-PF has assembled a 12-man “dream team” which includes Zanu-PF’s secretary for legal affairs Paul Mangwana and Lewis Uriri.

Law lecturer Valentine Mutatu said,

If Mangwana and company are correct in their counting of days, if the application was served on Friday the 10th, then the last day of filing opposing papers was the 13th, but that cannot be because the courts, which don’t count the weekends and holidays, are closed. The court can, therefore, not count a day in which it is not possible for you to file papers.

Another lawyer who spoke to NewsDay but declined to be named said,

It’s clear that the President is being misled by his legal team. He needs to replace them, especially (his point persons). If you look at the history of some of them, besides the case where they are a litigant, you won’t find any case they argued and won that’s worth nothing. The one time they attempted to go to the ConCourt recently ended in a disaster. They misfired procedure.

Constitutional CourtPaul Mangwana

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