Cameroon: end of US soldiers’ mission against Boko Haram

US_soldiers'_mission_against_Boko-HaramThe Defense Ministry said Sunday that the contingent of 300 US troops deployed in the Far North of Cameroon since 2015 as part of the war against the terrorist sect Boko Haram has arrived at the end of its mission.

Their mission “was not to take part in the fighting against Boko Haram, but to train Cameroonian soldiers in some techniques of the fight against terrorism,” said the Defense Ministry in a statement.

In this training component, we must add “the important logistical contribution made to the Cameroonian army” in this war against terrorists.

However, the 300 American soldiers will stay in Cameroon for some time to “better fine-tune the torchbearing mechanisms”.

While the Islamist sect Boko Haram is experiencing a real weakening on the military level, its capacity of nuisance does not weaken so far, through the multiplication of the suicide attacks, the taking of hostages and the rapture of the herd.