Defense ministers of Portugal and Luxembourg in Cape Verde to sign trilateral cooperation

José Azeredo Lopes and Étienne Schneider at a meeting in March 2016

The visit of José Alberto Azeredo Lopes and Étienne Schneider aims to “analyze and project trilateral defense relations between these countries,” according to a note from the Cape Verdean Government.

On Monday, the first day of the visit, in Praia, the two ministers meet with the Cape Verdean Defense Minister, Luís Filipe Tavares. After the meeting, a Joint Declaration on Trilateral Cooperation will be signed.

The second day of the trip begins with a visit to the Military Education Center “Zeca Santos”, followed by a trip to the Coast Guard Command, in Mindelo (island of São Vicente.

In April, Portuguese Defense Minister Azeredo Lopes announced in Covilhã that Portugal, Luxembourg and Cape Verde would establish a cooperation agreement in the area of ​​Defense.

During the III IDN Jovem Seminar, an initiative of the National Defense Institute, the minister was in favor of cooperative relations involving more than one country and benefiting the parties.

“We have a lot of competence, Cape Verde has the advantages of a very important geostrategic position for Portugal and Luxembourg has money and has many Portuguese. ”

“Luxembourg will finance projects, we will, if possible, integrate Luxembourg military personnel into our maritime missions, we will all qualify and thus have a triangular relationship and we will create relationships of variable geometry that allow us, for example, to fulfill one of the fundamental options of any contemporary defense policy, which is to look at the sea, “added the Portuguese official.