Germany attack: Two arrests made in Tunisia over foiled biological attack

Gemany_ricinTwo people have been arrested in Tunisia over a failed attack in Germany involving the deadly biological agent ricin and a bomb.

Counter-terror authorities in the north African state said they had identified two people who had been working in “close association” with a man suspected of plotting an attack in Germany.

Police in Cologne had arrested the 29-year-old, known only as Sief Allah H, in June following a raid on a block of flats in which ricin, a high-strength poison made from castor beans, was discovered.

The Tunisian interior ministry said the first of the two terror suspects had attempted to join up with militant groups in Syria, but had turned his attention to Germany when his original plan failed.

They alleged the man made contact with the suspect arrested in Cologne, with the pair agreeing to carry out parallel terror attacks in Tunisia and Germany using conventional bombs.