Ugandan troops killed 13 Congolese fishermen, says Congo official

Lake_VictoriaA Congolese official on Saturday accused the Ugandan navy of killing 13 Congolese fishermen and detaining more than 100 others, amidst a spat over Lake Edward which straddles the border between both countries.

“A total of 13 fishermen were killed but so far we have only found three bodies. One hundred and two fishermen were arrested,” said Pelo Kyakwa Muhindo, the head of a provincial delegation who visited Uganda for talks this week on the dispute.

The fishermen were killed on July 5, he said.
Earlier this month, Congo said four Ugandan soldiers and three civilians had been killed in clashes with Congolese troops on the lake, the international boundaries of which are ill-defined.

The clashes broke out after the Congolese navy went to negotiate the release of some of the first fishermen detained by Uganda.

A Ugandan military spokesman earlier this week declined to confirm or deny the reports of deaths and arrests, saying he was waiting for the facts from officers on the ground.