Obituary Muhammad the only son of Libyan freedom fighter Omar Al-Mukhtar

Muhammad Al-Mukhtar
Muhammad Al-Mukhtar, the only son of Libyan freedom fighter Omar Al-Mukhtar (1858-1931).

Muhammad Al-Mukhtar, the only son of Libyan freedom fighter Omar Al-Mukhtar (1858-1931), who resisted Italian occupation in his country for 20 years before being executed by the occupation authorities, has died on Thursday.

According to sources from Al-Mukhtar’s Al-Manfah tribe, “Haj Muhammad passed away Thursday afternoon at his home in the area of Al-Hadaeq, in the city of Benghazi at the age of 97.”

The sources explained that he was suffering in his old age and received treatment inside and outside the country. His last treatment trip was in the UAE and lasted for three months.

Muhammad Al-Mukhtar was born in 1921 in El-Uweilia area near Marj in eastern Libya. He lived with his mother, Wanissa Al-Jilani, and some of his relatives. Al-Manfah tribe is one of the largest tribes in eastern Libya.

Muhammad Al-Mukhtar left Libya with his mother to Egypt in 1927, at the request of his father Omar Al-Mukhtar, who wanted to devote himself to fighting the Italian occupation forces.

Muhammad lived in Egypt for 18 years in the city of El-Hamam and moved between the cities of Sidi Barrani, Matrouh, Alexandria and other cities.

Omar Al-Mukhtar’s son received his education at Al-Shatibi School in the coastal city of Alexandria, where he was informed about the execution of his father by the occupation forces.

Muhammad married twice; the first was with his cousin, Azza Al-Fayoumi in 1942. They did have children, and then she died.

Later, in 1964, he married Fatima Ghariani and they had children, but they died at a young age. Therefore, he remained the only descendant of Omar Al-Mukhtar after the death of his brother and all his relatives.