Australia has worse internet than Madagascar and Moldova

World_MapAustralia’s broadband speeds are far worse than what people in Madagascar and Moldova have access to.

The study by Cable investigated 163 million broadband speed tests in 200 countries.

With a ranking of 52, Australia has moved up three places in the past year.

The nation has a mean download speed of 11.69Mbps which has slightly increased from the mean download speed in 2017 of 7.70Mbps.

Madagascar ranks far ahead of Australia with its internet services after jumping 67 places from last year to a ranking of 22. It is the fastest African nation

The mean speed has dramatically improved for Madagascar which was at 3.49Mbps in 2017 and now comes in at 24.87Mbps.

Moldova is ahead of Australia by seven positions, but it has had no ranking change in the past year.