Bosnia rejects Tunisia extradition request

Mohammed al-Zouari house
People gather to offer their condolences in front of 49-year-old Tunisian engineer and drone expert Mohamed Zaouari’s house who was assassinated in Sfax, Tunisia on 18 December 2016

On Thursday (17 May 2018), the Bosnian court rejected  the Tunisian government’s request for the extradition of a Bosnian national it said he was involved in the killing of the Hamas activist, Mohammed al-Zouari in 2016.

Earlier this month the Tunisian Counterterrorism Authority announced that it identified Mohammed al-Zouari’s killer.

Al-Zouari, 49, was killed with a barrage of 20 bullets; three of them targeted his skull, which suggests that the killer is professional in using weapons.

Al-Zouari was nicknamed the “Hamas Pilot” because of his role in the manufacture of planes without pilots that were used in the Gaza Strip by the Izz Ad-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas.

Al-Zouari oversaw the project of the development of the planes operating without pilots, and was assassinated in Tunisia in 2016 amid signs and evidence on the involvement of the Israeli Mossad in the case.