Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt Reach Agreement on Renaissance Dam

Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan signed agreement to cooperate on Renaissance DamTop officials from Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan confirmed the adoption of commitments in the context of the ongoing talks in this capital about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

This represents a notable advance in the dialogues in this regard, which experienced some stagnation in recent months, stressed a statement issued by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of this nation of the so-called African horn.

The three countries representatives agreed to establish a scientific study group to consult on the rules for filling the reservoir, taking into account the principle of equitable and reasonable use of shared water resources.

They also determined to meet periodically, possibly every six months, for consultations, in accordance with the text issued by the Foreign Ministry.

Previous negotiations in Cairo proved unsuccessful, according to reports, due to Egypt’s continued fear that agriculture and water supplies would be affected by the dam’s filling.

However, Addis Ababa assured none of that would happen, while defending the need to build the dam to bring electricity to nearly 60 million Ethiopians who lack it.

‘One more step towards Ethiopia: we draw a roadmap that, if successful, will be able to break the difficulties faced’, concluded Foreign Affairs spokesperson Meles Alem.