Algerian Troops Conduct War Games on the Border with Libya

Algerian troopsThe Algerian Ministry of Defense announced tactical maneuvers with live ammunition in the area of Djanet (southeast), near the border with Libya, a country submerged in chaos since 2011.

The maneuvers, coded tactical subgroup against an unconventional attack, were supervised by the Deputy Defense Minister and Army Chief of Staff, General Gaid Salah, as part of his visit to the Fourth Military Region with a seat in the province of Ouargla , located about 800 kilometers southeast of this capital, according to the details of the part.

The text adds that the war games are part of the program of combative preparation ‘and passed with great rigor, highlighted by the accuracy and high level of professionalism of the Armed Forces in the execution of combat actions.’

The characteristics of the maneuvers point to a reinforcement by Algeria of its borders with Libya, a country in which two rival governments are fighting for power and armed groups of Islamist sensibility control vast areas by force of arms and in which they host activities of human trafficking and arms smuggling.

In 2011, an aerial attack by countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, under the pretext of human rights violations, led to the overthrow of the Libyan constitutional government and the capture and murder of the leader of that country, Muammar Gaddafi, after subject him to brutal torture.