Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood ready for dialogue’

Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters
Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters

The international relations representative of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, known as Ikhwan, on Saturday (12 May 2018) said the brotherhood is ready for dialogue with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to find a political solution in the wake of the 2013 military coup.

“We are ready and open to deal with anyone. This does not mean we have to surrender,” Yusuf Neda told Anadolu Agency in Campione d’Italia near the Swiss-Italian border.

“I will never stop making peace,” Neda said.

Stressing the importance of finding a solution in Egypt following the coup, Neda said: “If you want to settle things, every Egyptian must sacrifice.”

In the coup, Mohamed Morsi Egypt’s first freely elected president and a Muslim Brotherhood leader was ousted by the Egyptian army.

The Sinai Peninsula has remained the epicenter of a militant insurgency since the coup.