Gabon: Gov’t resigns, National Assembly dissolved

Gabon National AssemblyGabon is without a government, after the Prime Minister, Emmanuel Issoze Ngondet, Tuesday (1 May 2018) evening presented the resignation of his government to President Ali Bongo Ondimba at the presidential palace in Libreville. It followed the dissolution of the National Assembly on Monday by the country’s Constitutional Court.

The court ordered the government to resign and the National Assembly to be dissolved, citing the “inability” of the government to organize the parliamentary elections within the deadlines set by the constitution.

It said they ceased to be legitimately in office, after legislative elections scheduled for the weekend were not held.

Ngondet was appointed head of government in October 2016, and is the fourth man to occupy this post since Ondimba came to power in 2009.

Both Ngondet and National Assembly speaker Richard August Onouviet were reported to have accepted the court’s decision.

One international news wire service reportedly quoted Ngondet as declaring: “The decisions of the Constitutional Court are not to be commented on. They are to be applied.”