Police Arrest 9th Suspect Linked to Pro-ISIS Cell Dismantled in Morocco

Morocco Anti TerrorThe Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of a new suspect connected to an eight-member terrorist cell dismantled on Thursday (29 March 2018) in Tangier and Oued Zem, a city in the Khouribga Province.

While investigations are underway to arrest other suspects in connection with the dismantled terror cell, security officials have managed to arrest another suspect for his alleged involvement in the said cell.

According to initial investigations carried out by the Central Office for Judicial Research, which is affiliated to the General Directorate for Territorial Surveillance of Morocco (DGST), the ninth suspect was arrested while in the process of obtaining financial aid from members his arrested cohort for the acquisition of materials involved in the preparation of IEDs (simple bombs made and used by unofficial or unauthorized forces).

The ministry statement added that the suspects were plotting to exploit a deserted area owned by one of the detainees in order to manufacture bombs, with the greater view to undermine the stability of several places across the country.

The statement concluded that the suspects will be presented before the court after investigations that have been carried out under the supervision of the public prosecutor.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of an eight-member cell in the cities of Oued Zem and in Tangier. All members were between the ages of 21 and 31 years old. The Counterterrorism Bureau (BCIJ) seized a shotgun, ammunition, knives, paramilitary clothing, computer equipment, and ISIS propaganda documents in the process of the arrest operation.