Stepmom accused of murdering teen in Mauritius to wait another week for sentence

Marietjie Vosloo

Sentencing in the case against Marietjie Vosloo was postponed for another week due to “complications” on Wednesday (March 21 2018).

Marietjie, who stands accused of beating her step-daughter, Mundolene, to death during a family holiday in Mauritius, has been in police custody on the island since October 2016.

Mike Vosloo, her estranged husband and the father of the late Mundolene (17) confirmed to YOU that he will have to wait until 28 March to find out if the verdict is guilty or not guilty, after Wednesdays court proceedings were postponed.

She’s facing a charge of with assault without intent to kill. In South Africa the charge is equivalent to culpable homicide.

Jan Jacobs (43), Marietjie’s brother, previously told YOU that his sister’s chances of facing jail time are “50/50”.

According to a trusted source, Marietjie could face a jail term of up to five years, given that Mundolene was a minor at the time of her passing, which is an aggravating circumstance.

Marietjie was taken into custody shortly after the tragic incident on the first day of the family’s luxurious holiday at the Hotel Rui.

She’s since awaited her trial, which only started in December last year, behind bars.

Once she is sentenced it is not yet certain whether the time she has already spent behind bars will be taken into account.

YOU had earlier reported that Marietjie was with Mike, their son (then 11), and Mundolene and her brother (then 14), from Mike’s previous relationship when Marietjie and Mundolene got involved in an argument.

The step-mother and stepdaughter never got along and started arguing over something small when Marietjie punched Mundolene in the face on the way to the pool.

Mundolene suffered major head trauma, which caused a light stroke and a form of bleeding on her brain, and died soon after the incident.