Stop coming to Europe to beg in supermarkets – EU to Ghanaian migrants

Ghanaian and Liberian Migrants
Ghanaian and Liberian Migrants

There is no dignity in coming to Europe only to beg in big supermarkets to feed, the head of the European Union delegation to Ghana, William Hanna has advised Ghanaians.

Speaking Friday at a migration lecture at the University of Ghana on the theme: “interrogating the forces behind migration from Africa to Europe,” the EU top diplomat recounts seeing Ghanaian migrants begging in European supermarkets to feed.

He said: “I have a very deep picture in my mind of walking around Rome.

“And I see Ghanaians begging at supermarkets probably to make some money and I don’t see much dignity in that.”

He suggested that this humiliating trend could be reversed if there were proper dialogue between the EU, the Government of Ghana and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

…we are not having the dialogue with the government that we should have. It should be much closer, and we should have a dialogue with civil society also involved,” he argued.

According to a 2017 Afrobarometer report, four in 10 Ghanaians have considered emigrating in search of more favourable economic prospects.

The study revealed that a majority would prefer to live outside Africa, with North America and Europe being the most preferred destinations