UN sends troops to restive province of DRC

UN Troops in DRC

The UN has reinforced its troops in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s northeastern Ituri province after more than 100 people were killed during ethnic clashes in the past few days in the region.

Lt. Sam Waikemba, a security officer, told Anadolu Agency that the Chief of the UN mission in DRC David Gressley was in Ituri province and the UN sent troops to Djugu territory, where the killings took place, on Tuesday.

“Gressley has been to Ituri today where he met DRC’s minister of internal affairs Henri Mova and they discussed about security and the killings in Djugu,” Waikemba said.

Following the meeting, he said, Gressley briefed journalists and some security officers that UN had deployed troops in Djugu and they will be there until the killings have been stopped.

Ethnic violence is common in Ituri province where people of different tribes attack and kill each other.

Last Monday and Tuesday, members of the Lendu ethnic community attacked 4 villages of Hema community which resulted in many deaths.

According to Waikemb, at least 42 people — mostly of Hema tribe — were killed by Lendu men armed with guns, bows and arrows. The assailants reportedly burnt over 20 houses and also looted property.