Khaled Ahmed – Stay away from single mothers, stop rewarding the loose ones

Ayomide Ahmed
Khaled Ahmed

The Anti-Single mother post started off, by Khaled Ahmed, Former EA Instructor, Co-Founder of SA24

“Single mothers are failures in my opinion” says Ayomide,

He Further stated: Women have many means to prevent pregnancy before, during and after sex with the use of contraceptives and condoms. They even have the option of abortion. Single mothers are selfish leeches.

Women today are taught from birth that men are walking ATMs. Single mums are some of the most manipulative and deceitful people around the world. My mum even agrees with me on those points.
Single mother’s have an advanced degree in spending men into oblivion. Any man with any assets is a potential target.

Most single mothers are toxic as Chernobyl. They are not after your companionship or anything other than your resources and then suck you and your wallet dry. Not all
Are all bad rather. Some were truly victims of assholes and are doing the best they can. But this is a very small percentage. And even if they’re not to blame, do you really want to raise another mans kid?
Hell no,

Stay away from single mother, stop rewarding the loose ones

Most of them don’t want any more kids. Waste of time for any man looking to start his own family with a single mother.

Single moms be like, I live for my kids…lol

The problem of fatherless children and divorce is only going to get worse. If we don’t stay away from single mothers.

We need to reduce this disaster from the next generation among our girls.

Single mother have become pride among our women.